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I can't tell people enough about the importance of drinking enough water. I grew up playing sports and I have always reached for water rather than coffee or soda, so drinking water for me is easy. That is not the case for most people. There are many added benefits to getting in more water throughout the day such as nicer skin, less headaches caused by dehydration, it helps fill you up so you may eat less during the day, and drinking water will help you lose weight. I suggest the rule of 8's, 8 glasses of water, 8 times a day (At least!!!). 200ml WATER.
CLEAR PREMIUM WATER: Few Facts: 1. Due to global warming & population increase, WATER will become top priority (RED CROSS) 2. The need for drinkable water will double in 50 years (UN Study) 3. Water will become more critical than energy problem (NT Times) 4. More then one in six people worldwide - 894 million - don't have access to this amount of safe fresh water (WHO)
Try and walk 10, 000 steps a day. Studies conducted suggest that people who increased their walking to 10, 000 steps daily experience a range of health benefits. The best part is that walking can be done almost anywhere, at any time, in any weather, and can be easily fitted into your daily routine. Start small but get started – keep adding 500 steps each week till you get to 10, 000. #LiveTheGoodLife