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Packaged Water Industry Trends

The packaged water industry has been rapidly growing. Each category has its own unique market, competition, and price range, whether its natural mineral water, packaged drinking water, alkaline water, sparkling, etc.

Increasing concerns surrounding tap water, focus on health and fitness, and the higher chances of waterborne diseases have compelled people to shift towards clean and reliable sources of drinking water.

Why bottled water?

The bottled water industry provides a perfect solution for the problems mentioned above. It is a better, cleaner and more convenient way of storing and drinking water. Brands provide purified distilled water with added minerals that enhance the taste and nutritional value of water.

The apprehensions regarding water quality while travelling or eating outside are put to ease. A rising disposable income has also led people to shift towards packaged drinking water. The HoReCa, catering and airline segment account for about 30% of the sales.

People's perception of drinking water pushed the industry to another level after the Covid-19 pandemic. People were skeptical about drinking water from anywhere and wanted a branded packaged bottle.

The global market size of packaged drinking water was around $283 billion (2021 data), with a projected CAGR of 6.7% till 2030. Source

Metal, glass, plastic, etc., are used in the packaging. However, plastic is the most commonly used material due to its durable, long-lasting, recyclable and economical properties (<97%). Research and development are already in place to make plastic more environmentally friendly, reduce the carbon footprint, make it recyclable, etc.

According to a recent survey, the market share of bottled water industry in India has increased by 40-45% in the past 5 years, and is expected to cross approximately Rs. 400 billion by 2023 end. Source

2023 - < 400 billion

2029 - < 640 billion

(appx. revenue in rupees)

India also faces a major problem of the unorganized sector in the bottled water industry. (around 80% of the industry is unorganized). After the pandemic, with people being more cautious, the unorganized players face major challenges competing with the known brands and may face a de-growth of 30%. Source

Clear Premium water is India's premium bottled water company focusing on providing quality-intensive products in the market. We focus on providing refreshing and revitalizing water with strict international safety and hygiene regulations.

With a growing presence in 20+ states with 34+ manufacturing plants across India, we have a strong network of 700+ distributors, 1600+ HoReCa clients and 65000+ retail outlets.

The future sure does look bright for us, and our #TeamUnstoppable is willing to overcome any challenges that come along the way.


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