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Why is Sustainable Manufacturing The Need Of The Hour?

Increased awareness about the depletion of environmental health has led people to adopt sustainable ways of living. With the increase in population, needs and development, it is evident that our demands would increase. However, the scarcity of non-renewable natural resources cannot cope up with those demands.

It becomes essential that we shift to greener processes and create a cleaner


The Industrial Revolution was for the greater good of the people. But manufacturers can no longer keep operating the way they have been for the past few decades. Adopting sustainable manufacturing processes is the only solution to ensure better environmental health and profitability.

Sustainable manufacturing processes refer to the methods of manufacturing that minimize waste and reduce environmental impact.

Consumers are also now shifting to companies that employ clean processes and produce environmentally friendly products. These processes are not just a corporate social responsibility for the businesses but also a good business practice.

Plants can follow sustainable practices by-

  • Reducing the energies levels used

  • Reducing waste creation and disposal

  • Reducing the emission levels

  • Reducing the water quantities

One of the most effective ways to reduce environmental damage is to reduce the levels of fossil fuels used in manufacturing. Shifting to renewable and greener energy sources (solar, wind, hydropower, biomass) will lead to eco-friendly production. This reduces the depletion of non-renewable resources and ensures cleaner, profitable, and silent production.

Recycling and reusing the energy, raw materials and by-products in new production cycles will reduce waste and pollution. Moreover, the plants must treat their waste before disposing it openly in the environment.

Adopting automation and smart systems can help enhance productivity, thereby ensuring a higher output in the same amount of time, with the same level of energy used. It also prevents human hazards from occurring in the plant.

Technologies and methods can also be used to monitor and analyze the performance of sustainable processes. This will create a detailed report about the change in the levels of environmental degradation.

At Clear, we are aware of the inevitable use of plastic. However, we aim to contribute toward a greener environment by employing sustainable processes and products.

Our Earth edition (Clearth) includes eco-friendly biodegradable bottles made from 40% less plastic. These efforts were transpired to help conserve the depleting forest covers. Our zero discharge plant also aims to reduce our carbon footprints.

We make conscious efforts to create a happier and greener planet.

Make a CLEAR choice!


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